Tour The Party Islands

There's always something new to do on the Party Islands. Play against friends* on one of the 7 unique game boards or go it alone against computer opponents in the Bowser's tower. With 80 all-new minigames, you're sure to have a fresh experience every time.

*Multiple systems required, sold separately.

Party Mode

What kind of game do you want to play today? With 7 different game boards to choose from, Party Mode ensures that you and your friends will always have a good time—whether you have minutes or hours to spare.

  • Perilous Palace Path

    Use awesome items as you race to the finish.

  • Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain

    Banzai Bill is going to launch at some point—play it safe or make a mad dash.

  • Star-Crossed Skyway

    Take the Skyway and collect Mini Stars to win.

  • Rocket Road

    Win minigames to fuel your rocket for a fast finish.

  • Kamek's Carpet Ride

    Keep riding the carpet until you stop exactly at the end.

  • Shy Guy's Shuffle City

    Outwit other players and avoid the Bowser Card.

  • Bowser's Peculiar Peak

    Bowser likes things backwards: the goal in this game is to come in last.


Dive into the huge collection of minigames to practice for Party Mode, set some records, play a super-quick game with friends, or just have some fun.

  • Free Play

    Pick your favorite minigames to play against friends or computer opponents.

  • Time Attack

    How fast can you finish 10 minigames? If you clear special objectives, you'll shave seconds off your time.

  • Hot-Air Hijinks

    Things might get heated in this race to win 3, 5 or 7 minigames.

  • Puzzles, AR and more

    There are few surpises in minigames that you won't find in Party Mode, like puzzle challenges and AR games.

Bowser's Tower

Looking for a challenge? Scale Bowser's Tower of minigames and win your way to a climactic showdown!

StreetPass Minigames

StreetPass is your invitation to win some matches against other people playing Mario Party: Island Tour, unlock special collectables, and more.

Mario Party Points

Nearly everything you do in the Mario Party: Island Tour game will earn you Mario Party Points. Keep playing, and you'll keep earning!


So what do you do with Mario Party Points? Spend them on collectable bubbles. The bubbles contain all sorts of cool in-game stuff, like special figures, sound clips and musical themes from the game.

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